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Eddie Munnelly and Kwesi Casely-Hayford worked alongside each other at Queens Park Rangers Football Club; delivering a unique and forward thinking program devised by Chris Ramsey technical director at the club. During their time at the club Eddie and Kwesi spent hours and hours questioning not only themselves but also each other on topics surrounding the short fallings of development strategies in the UK and why perhaps players with great talent fall short of maximising their potential. Their major solutions came through the learning environments embarked on when travelling abroad and seeing how the in depth and various approaches affected different players and their success rates at the top level. This has led to the birth of Jus Ball performance and indeed the reason behind the formation of the organisation

During their time together in Academy Football both Eddie and Kwesi spent many hours on tours, study visits and consultancy work in Europe, Asia and USA building up vast experience in the industry comprehending unique training programs to add to their toolbox of knowledge and skill sets

This lead to even more trips to the continent with Kwesi constantly back and forth studying methods in Belgium and Holland from the clubs responsible for developing players such as Kevin De Bruyne and Frankie De Jong whilst Eddie ventured to South America to delve into the style and football culture responsible for creating players such as Neymar Jr and Sergio Aguero

They both have an obsession for development and delve into the mental aspects of the game deeply whilst consistently stretching their knowledge on the technical and physical components in which they have vast knowledge of also. Learning how to learn and maximising the potential of talent are major passions of both coaches and form the major driving energy behind Jus Ball performance. Combining skill sets and developing strategies to shake up the market and improve the way in which we develop athletes is what Jus Ball performance is all about. Staying ahead of the game, travelling to learn and building on existing concepts to give players the unique edge is what makes Jus Ball performance different from the rest.

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They aim to develop individuals to the top level and boast that their methods go way deeper into the scientific and social aspects of human development as well as the tactical, technical and physical sides also. The results are there already and with the passion and dedication of these two only improvements and groundbreaking events are in store to come. For them the process is more enjoyable than the outcome and athletes need to be in a position to empower themselves in order to truly empower others and maxims their potential of their unique talents. After all it is of fundamental importance to both Eddie and Kwesi that people understand that this is a journey not to be taken lightly and that it is and never will be the drills that make players rather the inspiration and spiritual connection to the game that forms great athletes.

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